Lying Through A smile

If, more often than not, you lie – hide your hurt behind a smile – how will you express Joy when it does arrive?


My wounded soul, bandaged by feigned laughter

My broken heart, propped up by the up-turned corners of my mouth

What you don’t see are the broken shards of me that still slip from their place, cutting me as they fall

No longer will I lie through my smile



FaceBook Frustration 


You “Friend” me, but you don’t know me. 

You “Like” my posts, but don’t talk to me. 

I leave, but you don’t ask why. 

You “Friend” me again,

I accept, thinking you had something to say,

but again, I see only “Like”, without connection. 

From now on, with the exception of those too far; if anyone wants to “Friend” me, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.